List of major products

  • Marine systems
    Integrated Bridge System
    Electromagnetic compasses
    Auto pilots
    Marine radars
    Doppler speed logs
    Joystick controllers
    Tracking pilots
    ARPA(Automatic Radar Plotting Aid)
    Navigational information systems
    Engine monitors
    Chart plotters
    Electro-hydraulic steering system
    Schilling rudder
    Fin stabilizers
    Fire detectors
    GMDSS(Radio communications systems)
    Microwave level meter
    Electronic chart display and information systems
    Radar reflectors
    Marine BS antennas
    Docking sonar systems (vessel approach monitoring systems)
    Night-vision cameras
  • Hydraulic equipment and control systems
    Pressure control valves
    Flow control valves
    Directional control valves
    Stack valves
    Cartridge valves
    Proportional control valves
    Servo valves
    Digital valve control systems
    Electronic pressure switches and sensors
    Compact power packages
    Other control systems
  • Flow meters and related systems and equipment
    Ultrasonic flow meters (for pipes and open channels)
    Ultrasonic gas flowmeters
    Microwave level meters
    Ultrasonic level meters
    Capacitance level meters
  • Converting-related equipment and systems
    Film inspection system
    Printing error detection systems
    Applied image measuring products
  • Road construction equipment and systems
    Road surface cross-sectional profile measuring equipment
    Road surface longitudinal section flatness measuring equipment
    Motor grader/blade control systems
    Asphalt finisher control systems
    Road milling machine control systems
  • Tunnel construction equipment and systems
    Attitude sensing system
    Integrated position and attitude measurement system
    level sensing system
  • Sensors and applied technology equipment and systems
    Accelerometers/vibratory rate gyro
    Magnetic azimuth system
    Servo inclinometer
    Three-dimensional rate measurement sensor
    Inertial measuring instruments
  • Control equipment and systems
    Radio remote control systems
    Construction equipment controllers
    Moment limiters for use in aerial work platforms
    Various work vehicle controllers
    Edge position controllers
    Image measurement applied products
    Data carrier applied system
  • Rail maintenance equipment and systems
    Ultarasonic rail inspection car
    Ultarasonic rail flaw detector
    Portable ultrasonic rail flaw imager
    Portable rail section measuring device
    Switch profile gauge
    Expansion gap gauge
    'Data-Depot' systems
  • Avionic systems and equipment
    Radar warning receivers
    Electronic support measures
    Integrated systems
    Radar displays
    Electromagnetic guidance systems
    Gyro-magnetic compasses
    Attitude and heading reference systems
    Air data computer
    Hydraulic equipment
    Radar systems
    Radar indicator
    Map signal generator
    Missile targeting systems
  • Naval systems and equipment
    Inertial navigation systems
    Radar indicators
    Dead reckoning equipment
    Helicopter landing indicator
  • Ground equipment
    Target sight subsystems
    Slope angle detectional systems
    Directional finding systems
    Laser warning systems
  • Microwave devices
    Wireless-LAN RF units
    SAW filters
  • Helicopter broadcast systems
    Antenna directing system
    Direction-finding receivers
  • Fire extinguishing systems and equipment
    CO2 fire extinguishers
    Foam fire extinguishers
    Water fire extinguishers
    Fire alarms