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About Giovenzana:

Founded in Italy in 1952, Giovenzana is gradually consolidated its experience in the field of safety components for industrial technologies. In the 1970s, Giovenzana began its path of internationalization by opening up to new European and International markets. The gradual expansion around the world has been combined with a growing diversification of its product range linked to the research for new business sectors. With 68 years of experience, Giovenzana focused its strategy on creating innovative and reliable products that can anticipate the market needs.

Giovenzana International B.V. is specialized in design, development and production of high quality components in 4 main industrial fields:


Giovenzana has been providing innovative elevator electrical components for over 65 years.Today we are recognized as a world leader in control, interface, safety and wiring products as a preferred supplier to every global elevator company.

The growing portfolio of high quality, innovative and competitively positioned elevator products from Giovenzana includes:

  • Car top inspection boxes;
  • Alarm and emergency control stations;
  • Under car signalling devices;
  • Limit switches and micro switches for door;
  • Components for the panel board like bypass devices and rear fixing bypass devices, switch disconnectors and auxiliary controls;
  • Innovative shaft lighting components such as our new silicone led strip;
  • And much More!!!

Extensive experience and consideration of our customers’ best needs allows us to work hand-in-hand with industries within the industrial sectors. We produce customized and standard equipment in our own manufacturing units, designed by a team of expert engineers of R&D department

Our handling system products range include :

  • Handling equipment comprises of single and double row up to 14 gang for control and direct switching
  • Position and rotary gear limit switches
  • Slip rings
  • Warning horns
  • Busbar conductor rails and festoon system.

GIOVENZANA INTERNATIONAL B.V. designs, manufactures and markets innovative products to deliver manufacturing/operational efficiencies, cost-effective solutions, and high-quality products demanded by today’s industrial automation marketplace.

Giovenzana’s solutions for AUTOMATION include:

  • Phoenix Cam Switches from 12A to 200A;
  • Regolus Switch Disconnectors from 32A to 160A;
  • Auxiliary Controls Pegasus, Orion & NEMA Series;
  • Thermoplastic limit switches, with manual reset, safety limit switches, M12 & pre-wired thermoplastic limit switches;
  • Micro switches;
  • Foot switches, potentiometers and USB & RJ45 double sockets.
  • ATEX & IECEx

Giovenzana develops projects realizing and constructing safety solution systems, equipment and components. The goal is to protect people and environment with these safety components.

Our explosion proof product catalogue (for Zone 1-2, 21-22 Gas and Dust) is in continuous development by our R&D Engineers.

  • Switch Disconnectors Regolus Ex Series from 25A to 100A;
  • Enclosures Regolus Ex Series with a wide temperature range: -60°C/+150°C;
  • Limit Switches Rotary Gear FGR2-Ex Series;
  • Microswitches MFI-Ex Series;
  • Cam Switches Phoenix Ex from 12A to 40A;
  • Festoon System Ex Series.

The R&D department, daily in contact with all the market needs and design-in of major corporations, provides safety solutions for those who use our products every day. The company sells to 75 countries and develops components with different applications in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality system and always keeping attention on the environment, in compliance with ISO 14001:2015. Giovenzana’s products are used in areas where security is the key, for this reason the most important matter for our company is the operators’ safety! It means European and International standards, certified products and brand awareness.