Unitronics, the industry leader in the development and manufacture of integrated PLC + HMI controllers, recently launched  the fourth model  of the UniStream™ product line –  lower cost UniStream 7"  panel. This model was designed specifically to improve the price competitiveness of  the current UniStream 7" panel in the market. The differences between the current 7"  panel  and   new model are minor,  and the unit is completely backwards compatible with the current unit.

The UniStream Control Platform: All-in-One. Modular. Scalable. UniStream: Work Less, Do More


Cut Programming Time by 50%   UniLogic™ studio software means you ‘write-it-once’, creating code structures that can be used across projects.

Save Time on System Design   Easy hardware configuration process, plus effortless communications setup--COM tasks reduced to simple configuration.

Excellent User Experience  UniApps™: the library of applications that enable you to remotely monitor, debug, and edit data from PC, smartphone, or tablet—from anywhere at any time.

Superbly Scalable   Expand to meet your application requirements.

Slash Costs   You benefit from UniLogic Software, Technical Support via phone and email, and access to our Technical forum—absolutely free.

The UniStream™ platform is a result of over 20 years of PLC development experience combined with the strongest trends in automation. Your control applications will benefit from UniStream’s™ unique modularity, including:

  • Powerful, dual CPUs—that translate into faster scan time, up to 2048 I/Os, and over 2MB of operand memory.
  • High-quality HMI touch panels in different dimensions—together with an easy-to-use HMI editor for elegant screen design.
  • Sophisticated, space-saving I/Os—effortless local and remote I/O installation.

Simple or complex, large scale or small, you can tailor UniStream™ to suit your precise application requirements: select your preferred HMI panel, snap a CPU onto its back, and then snap on I/Os to create a compact all-in-one controller. Each controller can support up to 2,048 I/Os.


UniLogic™ all-in-one software enables you to code Ladder, design beautiful HMI screens, and configure hardware and communications, using all-in-one software that is so intuitive that it cuts your application development time in half. UniLogic™ allows you to:


  • Build a library of user-defined function blocks and HMI screens that you can import into new projects and share with others.
  • Save significant programming by using the built-in code structures provided for hardware configuration, communications, and complex functions such as PID.
  • Speed Ladder programming with drag & drop elements that automatically snap into place, coupled with Intellisense for easy tag assignment.
  • Create HMI screens and web pages that appear as if they were designed by a graphic artist, via UniLogic’s extensive graphic library and HMI widgets.
  • Streamline data communication into an effortless configuration task that requires no programming. UniStream™ supports RS485, CANopen, UniCAN, both serial and Ethernet MODBUS. It is adaptable to all third-party protocols, supporting the full range of external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers and more. 

Your user experience is greatly enhanced, first by the physically beautiful design of UniStream™, which meets the standards usually accorded to consumer products, second by the user-friendly and intuitive UniLogic. In addition, you benefit from:


  • UniApps™ - an expanding library of value-added, PLC-embedded apps.  UniApps™ give users the ability to access data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, and debug systems locally or remotely using PCs, tablets and smartphones via VNC,
  • Personalized technical support, UniStream™ software and utilities—including updates—are free of charge, in keeping with Unitronics’ standard policy of customer care. 

In summary, the combined advantages of the UniStream™ platform result in a superior product offering of great power and flexibility that opens new markets and opportunities for you and your customers.





  • Color Touchscreen HMI panels: 7", 10.4", and 15.6”
  • NEMA4X/IP66/IP65 (when panel-mounted)
  • Fully Flat Fascia
  • HMI editor: drag & drop interface, multi-layer elements, animated gifs
  • Built-in Trends, PID, data tables, data sampling,
  • Media files: Video, Audio, pdf Viewer
  • Embedded speakers
  • UniApps™ - access data, edit it, monitor, troubleshoot, debug, and more.
  • Reuse paradigm: User-defined function blocks, tag structs, HMI displays, and Web pages
  • CPU: Supports up to 2048 I/O; local & remote
  • I/O: Digital, Analog
  • Communication: Web server, Ethernet/IP, Send e-mail function, SMS messaging, FTP, GPRS/GSM enabled, Ethernet via TCP/IP, Remote Access via VNC, MODBUS configurator, UniCAN, CAN Layer 2, and CANopen. Support any third-party protocols via Message Composer
  • Ports: Ethernet, CANbus, USB host & device, Audio Out, add RS232/RS485 ports via COM modules