The new inductive sensors BES with adjustable switching distance via IO-Link provide simple and easy remote monitoring and set up. For example, during configuration via IO-Link, the sensor checks whether the correct distance from the detecting object is being maintained, thus avoiding damage to any objects positioned close by.

An additional check is carried out to ensure that the permitted working range is being maintained. This ensures that the sensor is programmed to operate within the safe working range exclusively, hence preventing damage to the sensor or machine. The IO-Link technology enables the sensor to be used in completely new application areas. For example, rotary indexing tables can be optimally controlled or, in linear motion , sensors can be tailored perfectly to targets that approach the detection range from the side.

After successful IO-Link configuration, the sensor can be set to the SIO mode and then to function as a standard sensor. The teachable inductive sensor BES is available in a M12 housing with a switching distance of 0.5…2 mm.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Speedy series production of machines with fixed installation specifications and subsequent IO-Link configuration
  • Remote monitoring using IO-Link distance values
  • Controlling the installation by monitoring the setting range
  • Reducing sensor and machine damage
  • Cost-effective 3-wire standard wiring

Areas of application

  • Controlling rotary indexing tables
  • Detecting end positions of levers
  • Soft-stopping linear movements
  • Monitoring interlocks
  • Controlling grippers

Application example