HMS delivers the 3,000,000th Anybus module to Bosch Rexroth

HMS Industrial Networks has shipped its three millionth Anybus module to Bosch Rexroth. Bosch Rexroth uses Anybus modules mainly to connect welding and tightening controllers to the various control systems used in automation technology.

Staffan Dahlström (left), CEO of HMS Industrial Networks AB hands over the third millionth Anybus module to Harald Lukosz (right), Head of Engineering Tightening and Welding Systems at Bosch Rexroth AG.

Anybus embedded products are interchangeable communication modules for different fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks. The modules offer multi-network connectivity for the major network standards.
Long collaboration between Bosch Rexroth and HMS 
Bosch Rexroth and HMS have been working together successfully for more than 10 years. Harald Lukosz, Director Engineering Tightening and Welding Systems  at Bosch Rexroth explains why they have chosen Anybus: "We have chosen Anybus for two reasons: Firstly, it is very compact and easy to integrate and secondly, because of the technology inside it. "
Staffan Dahlström, CEO of HMS Industrial Networks comments: "The Anybus communication modules have support for all the major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks that Bosch Rexroth requires in their welding and tightening controllers and enables them to connect to the various control systems used in automation technology."
Compact and energy efficient
Bosch Rexroth uses the Anybus CompactCom communication modules which consume little power and is very compact (5.2 cm x 5.2 cm). The communication modules provide very reliable multi-network connectivity for the major standards on the market today.

The standardized hardware and software interfaces allow the modules to be easily interchangeable with each other. In other words, you can connect to any network by simply replacing the module.