Digital Indicating Controllers    
Model:  ACD-100        
Model Description
ACD-13A-R/M Relay output      
ACD-13A-S/M Non-contact voltage for SSR drive output
ACD-13A-A/M Current output      
      - Power supply: 100-240V ac (Standard) , or 24V ac/dc
C     Serial communication (RS-232C)  
C5     Serial communication (RS-485)  
DR     Heating/Cooling output (OUT2) (Relay)*2
DS     Heating/Cooling output (OUT2) (SSR)*2
DA     Heating/Cooling output (OUT2) (Current)*2
EA1     External setting input DC 4-20mA  
EA2     External setting input DC 0-20mA  
EV1     External setting input DC 0-1V  
EV2     External setting input DC 1-5V  
EI     Event input      
A3     Event output (EVT1 to EVT3)*2  
A5     Event output (EVT4, EVT5)    
TA1     Transmission output DC4-20mA  
TV1     Transmission output DC 0-1V  
W     Heater burnout alarm (Single phase)*1, *2
W3     Heater burnout alarm (3 phase)*1, *2  
P     Insulated power output 24V DC*2  
TC-FCD   Terminal cover (TC-FCRx2pcs.)  
CMB   USB communication cable    
CTL-6S   CT for 20A      
CTL-12   CT for 100A      
*1: The rated current (20A, 100A) for single phase and 3-phase is selectable by front keypad.
     The CT is sold separately.        
*2: Applicable to the ACD-13A.