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A motor starting reactor generates some smooth start-up of a motor by limiting the starting current in the ways of operating a low-voltage by short-circuiting the reactor when the start-up is completed (in t seconds) while the terminal voltage rises as the current decreases when the rotating device in the static status is started through a step down start-up which reduces the terminal voltage of the induction motor when the motor is started up and also prevents an accident caused by some adverse effects from other kinds of power source equipment, such as, malfunctions of some meters, etc., FEATURES OF PRODUCT • Since the torque increases automatically and it is easy to be started together with the acceleration while the terminal voltage of the motor increases as the speed of a motor increases, it is easy to be started and the mechanical impact is small • It is manufactured in a way of a Gap Core Type current control. • When it is started, any harmonic waves are not generated and the insulation of a motor is protected. • The starting current can be added or reduced by installing a TAP onto a reactor. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Phase: 3 Phase • Rated Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz • Rated Voltage: 220V/440V, 3300/6600V, 11000V etc. • Rated Capacity: 3kW ~ 5000kW • Tap: 80%, 65%, 50% (Standard Tap), or Client Requirements . • Rated Time: 3Min (Standard) or Client Requirements . • Insulation Level: B, F, H

When the circuit of a condenser is energized, a harmonic wave enlargement phenomenon is generated by the inrush current and L-C Resonance, the waveforms of voltage and current are distorted and many problems, such as, malfunctions of various kinds of devices, overheating & excessive noise of power transformer, errors of various kinds of indicating instruments and overheating of a condenser, etc., are generated. As a countermeasure against such problems, it will be okay if some effects of harmonic waves influencing loads are removed and the condenser is operated safely by installing reactors in series onto the condenser. FEATURES OF PRODUCT • Its self-extinguish stability is high since some kinds of flame retardant materials are used. • A high quality grain-oriented silicone steel plate is used. • A low-loss product, CO2 emission was reduced by more than 40%. • The dimensions specified in the revised version of JIS 4902- 2010 shall be applied. (Rated Capacity and the Maximum Allowable Current are adopted) . PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS • Phase: 3 Phase • Rated Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz • Rated Voltage: 220V/ 440V, 3300/ 6600V, 11000V etc • Rated Capacity: 0.638kVar ~ 319kVar • Insulation Level: B, F, H

100% Korea Origin

Hyuphwa Vietnam

Model: HSR-048-3
 Series reactor
 3P 380V 3KVA 50HZ L=6%


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