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Tempress Pressure measurement products

TEMPRESS produces mechanical temperature gauges with different mounting possibilities: direct with clamp, pocket with clamp or welding pocket. Material Certificate available for all types. Options for thermometers include: Built-in contact or 4-20 mA transmitter.

Tempress Temperature sensors

Temperature sensors will transmit a signal based on the temperature resistance using a linear 0-10V voltage signal or a 4-20 mA current signal. If you need help selecting the right sensor please contact Tempress for help and Tempress will guide you to the right product.

  • P2208 – Temperature sensor

  • P2208-T – Temperature Transmitter

  • P2209 – Temperature sensor with sanitary connection

Tempress Thermometers

Thermometers are used to measure temperature using a sensor on measured media. Thermometers at Tempress are made of high-quality materials that make them both durable and precise. We offer different thermometers with both with either stem or capillary tube for remote readings.

  • Pressure gauge Thermometer Type A14, A37, A82, A83- Sheet no. 5-21 GB

  • Industrial thermometers- Sheet No.: 3-22GB – Type A-110, A-150, A-200

  • Remote reading thermometers- Type A73 and A74 - Sheet No.: 3-12 GB

  • Stem thermometers : Type A78, A7801, Type A79, Type A81, Type A83

  • Thermometers with output signal – Type A8303, Sheet No.: 3-26 GB

  • Pressure gauges and thermometers With 4-20 mA Signal out : Pressure gauge Types A14/A37, Thermometer Type A82/A83

  • Mechatronic thermometers: Type A86- Sheet No.: 3-35 GB, Type A880101  & A880102- Sheet No.: 3-45 GB


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