Rexroth Vietnam,Van điều khiển 4WS2EM6-2X/5B11XLET315K17EV-102 Rexroth

4WS2EM6-2X/5B11XLET315K17EV-102 Rexroth

  • Size 10

  • Component series 5X

  • Maximum operating pressure 315 bar

  • Maximum flow 180 l/min

  • For potentially explosive areas

  • Application range according to article 505, NEC ®
    – IS class I, zone 0, AEx ia IIC T4
    – NI class I, zone 2
    – Ambient temperature range -20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +60 °C


  • Directional control servo valve for use in potentially explosive areas of zone  0

  • Valve for closed circuits, force control and closed-loop speed control

  • 2-stage servo valve with mechanical feedback

  • Stage 1 in the form of a deflector plate reinforcement

  • For subplate mounting,
    porting pattern according to ISO 4401-05-05-0-05 with ports X and Y.
    Subplates, see chapter “Dimensions”.

  • Dry servo motor, no contamination of the solenoid gap by the hydraulic fluid

  • Wear-free control spool return element

  • Actuation:
    External control electronics in modular design, additional safety barrier (separate order), see chapter “Technical data”

  • Valve is calibrated and tested

  • Internal/external pilot oil supply and return can be ordered separately

  • Spool with flow force compensation

  • Continually centered control sleeve for the reduction of temperature and pressure sensitivity

  • Gaps in the pressure chamber at the control sleeve sealed, no wear of O-rings

  • Filter for 1st stage freely accessible from the outside


100% EU


New Model : 4WS2EM6-2X/5B11XLET315K17EV-102
 New PN: R901506730
 Servo Control Valve
 (4WS2EM6-21/5B11XNET315K17EV-102 MNR: R901009654)
 Note : recheck code khi order




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