PNR Italia Vietnam,FULL CONE NOZZLE, 1" BSP BRASS AAU 2780 T1EG PNR Italia

PNR AA series full cone nozzles produce an even spray pattern. These nozzles are good in areas with restricted space as they are 35% shorter than conventional full cone nozzles. The slotted vane inside the nozzle helps to produce a good atomised spray. Available in 90⁰ and 120⁰ spray angles, a variety of materials from metals to plastics and in thread sizes from 3/4″ to 3″.

A series full cone nozzles are made of body and slotted vane, for an even spray distribution. Their design allows them to be 35% shorter than other full cone nozzles. They are used in operating environments with a restricted space available and are cost-effective for the lower material quantity. SLOTTED VANE Spray section RG WS H H1 RG WS H H1 RG WS H H1 Typical applications Washing: exhaust scrubbers washing, vehicle parts and gravel washing Cooling: high-temperature cooling, vehicle parts cooling, tank cooling Other applications: spray of chemicals, sea water desalinization Thread size: BSP, NPT (optional) 

100% Italy Origin

PNR Italia Vietnam

Model: AAU 2780 T1EG


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