Measuring instruments for DIN rail mounting WAS 45 Muller Ziegler Vietnam

Mueller+Ziegler Measuring instruments for DIN rail mounting


Snap-on measuring instruments are mainly used for measuring heavy-current quantities in distribution boards. They allow for snap-on fastening on top hat rails.

Measuring systems

  • Moving-coil measuring system

  • Moving-iron measuring system

Special features

  • Standard front dimension, 45 x 45 mm

  • Slim design, 2.5 module widths

  • Quadrant scale, 43 mm scale length

  • Contact-proof connecting terminals

General specifications

Snap-on measuring instruments are manufactured according to DIN 60 051 as well as according to the other relevant VDE and DIN regulations. The following variables may be measured: Direct current, direct voltage, alternating current, alternating voltage, operating hours. The accuracy amounts to 1.5 % referred to the full scale. Standard-type moving-iron ammeters dispose of a 2-fold overload scale.

All measuring instruments are resistant to a permanent 1.2-fold overload, ammeters temporarily to a max. 10-fold overload, voltmeters to an up to 2-fold overload. For the rest, DIN EN 60 051 applies. The measuring elements are mounted in an shock-resistant housing from polycarbonate. The housing dimensions comply with DIN 43 880 for built-in equipment for electrical installations. Connection is made to touch-proof captive M5 screws, max. 10 mm².

Special versions

  • Mounting on vertical top hat rail

  • Measuring range Without overload range (moving-iron measuring instrument)

  • Outside of the standard series

  • Scales Red point at any position of scale

  • Colored sector at any position of scale

Mueller+Ziegler Measuring instruments for DIN rail mounting- Product list

Product ranges



Moving iron measuring instruments

WAS 45

Moving iron measuring instruments for alternating current and alternating voltage


PAS 45

Moving coil measuring instruments for direct current and direct voltage

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