Bernstein Capacitive Sensors

Capacitive proximity switches detect conductive and non-conductive materials that can be in a solid or liquid state. They serve the purpose of monitoring product levels in containers, checking contents in filling and packaging systems as well as detecting, positioning, monitoring and counting objects, e.g. in sequence control systems, conveyor belts.

Product list:

  • Metric Sensor M12x1 / M18x1: KCB-M12, KCN-T12, KCB-M18, KCN-T18 Series
  • Metric Sensor M30x1,5 / M32x1,5: KCB-M30, KCN-M30, KCN-T30, KCB-M32, KCN-T30, KCN-T32 Series
  • Cylindrical housings sensor Ø 34mm: KCB-D34, KCN-R34 Series
  • Plastic Rectangular housings Sensor (square): KCB-E50, KCB-E68 Series

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