Our electromechanic switches are characterized by a convincing price-performance ratio and by a high reliability at different stages of voltage.

The products range from plastic-bodied limit switches, metal-bodied limit switches and foot switches to safety switching devices. The AS-i compatible switches reduce time and costs in reference with the assembly, the materials and the operation.

A vast range of types, sizes, switching functions and actuators allow nearly every application.

  • Position Switches and Safety Switches: C2, Ti2, I49, Bi2,IN62, IN65, I81, IN73, SGS, ENK Series
  • Switches with separate actuator: SKT, SKI, SK, SKC Series
  • Switches with guard locking: SLC, SLK, BF Series
  • Switches for hinged applications: SHS3, SHS, Ti2 / I88, AHDB, I88 / GC, VKS / VKW Series
  • Contactless Safety Technology: SRF RFID Series
  • Foot Switches: F1, F1, F3, F10, F40, KFM1, KFM2 Series
  • Rope Pull Switches: SGC, SIGC, SD, SID, SEK, SIEK, SEM2,SIEM2, RM, SIN, SI88, SI1, SI2, IN73, MN78, SISN2 Series
  • Belt alignment switches
  • Emergency Stop Devices: SEU 2, SEU 3 / 4, SRO, SRM, SR Series
  • Safety Evaluation Device: SCR, SCR DI, SCR P Series
  • Analog Switching Modules
  • AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface) products: ASI series

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