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Enclosure systems

With its long tradition in manufacturing enclosures, BERNSTEIN combines superior enclosure technology, designed for encapsulating a diverse range of applications, with modern and variable suspension systems. An extensive range of aluminum and plastic terminal boxes as well as the wiring and circuitry in standard and control enclosures conforming to specific customer requirements round off the product portfolio.

Product list:

  • System solutions Enclosure

  • Standard enclosures and Control enclosures: CA, CT, CP, CC-3000, CC-4000 / -SL, CC-5000 neXt Series

  • Suspension Systems Enclosures: CS-2000 SL, CS-3000 neXt, CS-3000, CS-2000 System 80, CS-4000 neXt, CS-480 B.flex, CS-480 NR Series

  • Stainless steel - Suspension system for light loads: CS-480 Series

  • Ex-approved (ATEX) enclosures - Products for potentially explosive atmospheres, materials from Aluminium or Polyester: CA... Ex, CA... U, CPG/CPS... Ex, CPG/CPS... U Series


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