Microsonic Vietnam,Ultrasonic sensor zws-15/CE/QS Microsonic

order no.zws-15/CE/QS

  •  1 x npn


  •  250 mm

measuring range20 - 250 mm


operating modeproximity switch/reflective mode
reflective barrier
window mode

particularitiessmall cuboidal design
narrow sound field

means of measurementecho propagation time measurement

transducer frequency380 kHz

blind zone20 mm

operating range150 mm

maximum range250 mm

resolution0.056 mm

reproducibility± 0.15 %

accuracytemperature drift 0.17 %/K

operating voltage UB20 - 30 V d.c., reverse polarity protection

voltage ripple± 10 %

no-load current consumption≤ 25 mA

type of connection4-pin M8 initiator plug

output 1switching output
npn: Imax = 200 mA (-UB+2V)
NOC/NCC adjustable, short-circuit-proof

switching hysteresis2.0 mm

switching frequency25 Hz

response time24 ms

delay prior to availability< 300 ms

descriptionexternal synchronisation from rectangular signal with a defined pulse width

input 1synchronisation input


ultrasonic transducerpolyurethane foam, epoxy resin with glass contents

class of protection to EN 60529IP 67

operating temperature-25°C to +70°C

storage temperature-40°C to +85°C

weight10 g

temperature compensationno

controls1 push-button

scope for settingsTeach-in via push-button



indicators1 x LED green: working, 1 x LED yellow: switch status

particularitiessmall cuboidal design
narrow sound field


100% Germany Origin

Microsonic Vietnam

Model: zws-15/CE/QS
 Ultrasonic sensor


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