GREYSTONE Vietnam,Light sensor, 4 - 20 mA output PSR-1-T GREYSTONE

Economical dark/light sensing
1/2″ NPT design
Track-mounted PSR-1-T transmitter
Optional weatherproof enclosure

The PSR-1 is a Light Sensitive Resistor that may be used as an input to indicate the presence of light at the sensor location. The PSR-1-T is a PSR-1 coupled with a B420-P transmitter.

The PSR-1-T produces a 4 – 20mA output signal. The sensor is designed to be mounted in the end of a weatherproof conduit box.

The PSR-1 has a resistance in darkness in excess of 1 Mohm and resistance in bright light of less than 1.5 k ohm.The PSR-1and PSR-1-T indicate the presence or absence of light.


They should not be used for foot-candle control of occupied spaces. The PSR-1-T is calibrated for 4mA in bright light > 100 foot candles and 20mA in darkness < 0.1 foot-candles.


100% Canada Origin


Model: PSR-1-T
 Light sensor, 4 - 20 mA output




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