Westcar Vietnam,Khớp nối Rotofluid Alfa 70P K2N + FRU8 Westcar

Rotofluid K, Rotofluid SCF, Rotofluid DCF

ROTOFLUID hydrodynamic coupling is a mechanical component designed to transmit torque from the driving part (Motor) to the driven part (Machine) with the sole aid of oil (Force Vector). It mainly consists of a driving part (Pump), a driven part (Turbine), a main shaft, and an alignment coupling.

Rotofluid constant-fill coupling ensures:

  • A “soft”, smoother start-up of the driven machine

  • A reduction of current peaks in the start-up phase

  • Torque reduction

  • Protection of the driven machine in case of a sudden stop


100% EU

Westcar Vietnam

Model: Alfa 70P K2N + FRU8
 - Alfa 70 K2 with max. bore 80mmØ
 - with FRU 8 flexible coupling with bore max. 110mm
 Incl. Screws
 Rotofluid coupling
 NOTE: Please check bore diameter and specify and confirm when ordering.


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