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MP Linescanner Series

Scan up to 300 lines per second with real-time thermal imaging for the harshest environments

Edge-to-Edge Thermal Imaging to See it All

  • Real-time thermal imaging for continuous or discrete processes

  • Built-in line laser for rapid alignment, resulting in lower installation costs

  • Ensure products are manufactured to specifications to improve quality

Designed for the harshest environments, the MP Linescanner Series provides accurate, edge-to-edge and real-time thermal imaging and temperature measurements for continuous processes. See it all with up to 300Hz scan speed and 1024 data points per scan, allowing you to find faulty temperatures, such as hot spots, before an error occurs.

The MP Linescanner Series from Fluke Process Instruments features a variety of linescanning systems that provide continuous, accurate and real-time thermal images and temperature measurements for moving processes and product.

Each system comes in a wide choice of spectral and temperatures ranges to accommodate a variety of applications. The series also features dedicated hardware and software options, which have been created specifically for specialized applications and industrial environments.

With scan speeds up to 300Hz and the ability to scan up to 1024 data points in a single scan, the MP Linescanner Series can provide a complete picture of even the highest speed manufacturing processes. Additionally, with a 90° field-of-view and up to 200:1 optics, each spot on the target surface is capable of being sampled up to three times, ensuring an accurate temperature reading.

Each linescanner also includes a built-in line laser for rapid alignment, resulting in lower installation costs. Built-in water cooling and air purge features, as well as optional waterproof housing, help maintain the scanner. The MP Linescanner Series also allows users to utilize existing networks with pre-wired cables, which connect to a standard PC for fast installations. The system’s versatile Datatemp® DP Software also lets you create custom operating parameters as well as easily display thermal images and temperature profiles.

Key Features:

  • Real-time thermal imaging, scan speed up to 300Hz

  • Up to 1024 measurement points per line

  • Wide choice of spectral and temperature ranges

  • Optical resolution up to 200:1

  • Real-time color thermal images

  • Accurate data analysis

  • High-quality brushless motor (MTBF 40,000 h)

  • Built-in Ethernet TCP/IP communications

  • PC independent alarm output

  • PC independent 4-20 mA interfaces (3 outputs)

  • I/O module support for up to 10 sectors/zones (PC independent)

  • Internal Line Laser for accurate alignment

  • Rugged, waterproof IP65 housing

  • Air purge keeps window free of dirt and condensation

  • Built-in water cooling for ambient up to 180 °C (356 °F)

  • Field-replaceable window


100% USA Origin

(Raytek) Fluke Process Instrument Vietnam

Item no: 2475424
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