Rosemount Vietnam,Máy phát pH 1066-P-HT-60 SENSOR Rosemount

Part Number: 1066-P-HT-60

Model: 1066 Single Channel Transmitter

Brand: Rosemount Analytical Inc


  • Power Supply: Supply voltage at the transmitter terminals should be at least 12.7Vdc. Power supply voltage should cover the voltage drop on the cable plus the external load resistor required for HART communications (250 O)

  • Weight: R2 lbs/3 lbs (1 kg/1.5 kg)

  • Communication Protocol: HART® Communications & diagnostics: PV, SV, TV, and 4V assignable, temperature

  • Diagnostics: PV, SV, TV, and 4V assignable

  • Input: One sensor input.

  • Measurement Type: pH/ORP, resistivity/conductivity/TDS, % concentration, total and free chlorine, monochloramine, dissolved oxygen, dissolved ozone, and temperature.



  • Faster installation using Quick Start programming

  • Intrinsically Safe FM, CSA, and ATEX/IECEx Hazardous Location Approvals

  • Visibility of process parameters by utilizing HART or Foundation Fieldbus digital communications

  • Effortlessly connect with PLCs and DCS’ by choosing the HART or Foundation Fieldbus communication options.

Ordering Information



Single Channel Transmitter






HART® Digital Communication



None Required(1)

100% Singapore/ Mexico Origin

Rosemount Vietnam

Model: 1066-P-HT-60 SENSOR
 pH Transmitter


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