Hawe Vietnam,Pump 6950 1286-00.HW / R 8,3-8,3-8,3-8,3 Hawe

Pump elements deliver lubricating hydraulic uids while simultaneously generating a counter-pressure opposing the load resistance of a connected consumer. The radial piston pump type R and RG is versatile and can be used not only as a motor pump outside an oil tank but also for installation in the tank of a hydraulic power pack (see D 6010 H). The pumps are generally used to supply hydraulic oil to hydraulic consumers in oilhydraulic systems. Maximum installable capacity of up to 30 kW, depending on size. The radial piston pump type RG has plain bearings which have a longer service life. This type is therefore used in extreme operating conditions. Extremely high ow rates can also be achieved by arranging up to 6 radials in parallel. Features and benets: ■ Good function even at low viscosity ■ High level of efficiency ■ Compact dimensions ■ Fine delivery ow gradation Intended applications: ■ Any high-pressure application is basically possible. ■ Areas in which a constant ow rate is necessary. ■ Press construction ■ Fixture design ■ Testing and laboratory equipment ■ Lubrication systems ■ Agricultural engineering

100% Germany

Hawe Vietnam

Model: R 8,3-8,3-8,3-8,3
 P/N: 6950 1286-00.HW


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