PINTSCH BUBENZER Vietnam,Phanh áp suất lò xo điện từ SFB160 / 8-902850043736 PINTSCH BUBENZER

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Code: 8-902850043736
 Description: SFB160, MKe / a, GB + WDR, A550rad + KV, 207V
 Electromagnetic double-surface spring pressure brake SFB 160
 - Braking torque 1600 Nm according to DIN VDE 0580
 - coil voltage 207V DC; Connection cable with a round cross-section
 - Flange A550 according to IEC standard and
 DIN 42948 / DIN EN 50347 FF500, Flange thickness 30mm (dimension "o"), 2x radial cable outlet including cable gland
 M16x1.5; Position 195 ° and 225 °
 - Degree of protection IP67 according to DIN EN 60529 / VDE 0470-1
 - Manual release screws (standard version)
 - Housing centered (exchangeable)
 - Microswitch with function monitoring brake released /closed
 - Housing bore for continuous motor shaft
 including sealing ring for Motor shaft Ø 85mm, customer-side shaft
 preparation: twist-free ground, Ra 0.2-0.8 μm, running surface
 SFB 160 = 8-902850043736 + 8-000585209214 hardness 40-60 HRC; 2xM6 on Pitch circle diameter 150mm at position 0 ° and 70 °
 - Painting with two-component epoxy resin primer
 - 2nd nameplate enclosed loosely


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