Magtrol Vietnam,Phanh trễ làm mát bằng không khí AHB-1 Magtrol

AHB Series Compressed-air-cooled Hysteresis Brakes

Product Description

When torque control/torque measurement must be performed at the highest possible power, Magtrol AHB Series Hysteresis Brakes are ideal. Passages running through the brakes enables compressed air cooling, providing excellent heat dissipation. This design allows for continuous power ratings up to 3000 watts (5300 watts intermittent). Use of pre-loaded bearings in the AHB Series Hysteresis Brakes allows operation at speeds of up to 25,000 rpm for extended durations. AHB Brakes are conveniently base mounted. Base mounting, with integral barrier type terminal strip, provides easy mounting and wiring.


  • Ideal for low-torque/high-speed applications with exceptional power ratings

  • Torque: 0.30 N·m to 24 N·m

  • Speed: up to 25,000 rpm

  • Power: up to 5300 W

  • Compressed-air cooling offers excellent heat dissipation

  • Allowable input air pressure of up 95 PSI eliminates the need for a regulator

  • Magtrol hysteresis braking technology provides precise torque control independent of shaft speed

  • EMC susceptibility conforms to European standards

  • All metric dimensioning

  • Base mounting standard

  • Designed for use with Magtrol PT Series T-slot Base Plate mounting system

  • A variety of accessories and system options to choose from to create a simple and cost-effective test system.

100% Switzerland/ EU Origin

Magtrol Vietnam

Model: AHB-1
 Part: 005676
 Air Cooled Hysteresis brake AHB-1
 Min. torque at rated current 1Nm
 Max. speed 25'000min-1
 Power ratings continuous with air cooling 1200W
 Power ratings intermittent with air cooling 1200W
 Power ratings continuous without air cooling 55W
 Power ratings intermittent without air cooling 250W
 Power supply 24VDC


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