The Agr Sampling Pressure Tester 2 (SPT2) automated testing station provides critical pressure strength and volume performance data for glass containers, on a sampling basis on the production floor. Integrated into the production line, it automatically tests and collects pressure and volume data on bottles selected for sampling, without operator intervention, on a 24/7 basis.


Advanced pressure generation system for testing up to 69 bar (1000 psi), designed to meet requirements of ASTM C-147 and ISO 7458

Precise volume measurement, using positive displacement technology

Smooth, robotic handling to accommodate various bottle heights and diameters

Handling and event-based operation allows for up to 270 bph

Universal bottle clamps accommodate finishes from 20-48 mm without job change

Rugged stainless steel components

Technologically-advanced compensating pressure seal

Multi-line compatibility for bottles of different sizes and finishes

Linux operating platform for efficient operation in plant environment


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