MBT 7200xt/7400xt

Portable, high-precision thickness measurement for non-ferrous materials

Typical MBT applications

  • Plastic, glass, aluminum bottles and containers
  • Thermoformed packaging
  • Molded products for healthcare, automotive, appliance and other industries
  • Paperboard products
  • All types of non-ferrous materials
  • Products or parts with complex shapes


  • All-digital operation
  • High resolution measurements from 0.1 microns
  • Up to 20 readings per second
  • Menu-controlled user interface
  • Light weight for hand-held operation
  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Real-time thickness measurement
  • Display of min and max readings
  • Offset mode
  • Database storage of up to 240,000 values
  • Tungsten carbide probe tip for extra long life, even on glass products
  • Two interchangeable probe options provide the ability to maximize accuracy for the job at hand:
  • 0-9 mm probe for extra high precision measurement of very fine materials
  • 0-24 mm probe for precision measurement of thicker materials up to 24 mm
  • Precision target balls designed to maximize accuracy – available in standard and magnetic
  • Simple calibration (with recall) up to 5 points


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