The Hot Wire Cutter offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective method for cutting plastic containers for section weight analysis. Using heated wires, the Hot Wire Cutter quickly slices through bottles, yielding a clean cut without deformation of the sections.


  •  Quickly and precisely cuts through bottles as large as 3 liters
  • 4-wire design facilitates up to 5 section cutting
  •  Low cost replacement wires
  • Dual mode heating system saves energy
  • Adjustable bottle finish holder
  •  Adjustable supports to hold bottles in place during cutting


  • Four wires for cutting bottles into max. five sections
  • Adjustable section sizes for quick adjustment
  • English/Metric scale for accurate wire positioning
  • Unlimited max. bottle height, last wire position 350mm from neck
  • Max bottle diameter 157mm
  • Universal neck adapter for finishes up to 48mm
  • Dual power mode with preheat system for no-wait operation
  • Automatic heat on/off feature
  • Power on indicator
  • 220-230V Machine OPERATING VOLTAGE RANGE.  Power Cord, North and South America
  • English Language for instructions and product labeling
  • Includes a CD Instruction Manual.


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