In-the-blowmolder, vision-based inspection system for PET containers

The Pilot Vision+™ system is a modular vision-based quality management system that mounts inside today’s high-speed reheat stretch blowmolders to provide detection of random occurring defects during the production of PET bottles. This system offers manufacturers a means to critically evaluate preforms and blown bottles for defects that may compromise the quality of the finished product.

Pilot Vision + is available as a stand-alone system, or as part of Agr’s Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system.

Defect detection where it is most needed

  • Bottle Finish Seal
  • Bottle Sidewall
  • Bottle Base

Pilot Vision can identify a wide range of commonly occurring defects

  • On preforms — contamination, crystalinity. opaque spots, un-melts, bubbles/blisters, burn marks, water spots, streaks . . .
  • On bottle finish seal — nicks, dents and scratches in seal surface, surface irregularities, seal surface integrity, inner/outer diameter, ovality, blown finish, choked neck, short shots . . .
  • On bottle sidewall — neck folds, clarity and consistency, crystalinity, contamination, dark spots, holes, under-blown containers . . .
  • On Bottle Base – holes, opaque spots, foreign particles, un-melted material, under-blown and improperly formed feet, folds, off-center gate, gate size, gate ovality/tears, gate holes . . . .


  • Color preform cameras
  • Liquid lens technology
  • Defect categorization and reject statistics
  • Mold and spindle correlation of defect data
  • Up to 6 cameras for comprehensive inspection
  • Multi-spectrum LED illumination
  • High-resolution imaging with throughput up to 100,000 bph
  • High-speed image processing
  • Proven industry-specific algorithms, designed for containers
  • Easy operation and setup
  • Built-in process control tools


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