HOYER Vietnam,Motor 5521120201 / HMC3 112M 2p B5 IE3 HOYER

Hoyer Motors is an international supplier of high-end electric motors. Headquartered in Denmark and China, we are represented through sales offices and distributors worldwide. We pride ourselves of being an elite manufacturing enterprise with the highest attention to service and flexibility – a company where dedication, competitiveness and reliability are second to none. We have a selected focus on the segments Marine, Water, HVAC, HPU, Oil & Gas and Wind. Through strong partnerships with market leading industrial OEM’s within these segments, we are able to offer a unique setup and industrial insight. We add value by understanding the business and markets of our customers. At Hoyer Motors, meeting agreements is as natural as breathing air. We believe in trustworthy partnerships with our customers and always meet our obligations on deliveries, documentation and product quality. This is what we mean by Exceeding Expectations. 


100% China/ Denmark Origin

HOYER Vietnam

Model: HMC2 180L 8pol 50Hz IP55
 Hoyer 700 B5 11 kW 400/690V IE2

100% China/ Denmark Origin

HOYER Vietnam

Model: HMC3 112M 2p B5 IE3
 4,00 kW 400VD/690VY 50 Hz 3000 RPM


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 Trực tiếp Zalo: 0911472255 



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