The Agr Tilt Table is an easy-to-operate test device that is designed to quickly determine the coefficient of static friction, or the surface lubricity, of a container or package. This bench-top device enables an operator to measure the coefficient of static friction and tilt angle of glass containers in accordance with GCMI Technical standards (Bulletin No. 69).The Tilt Table is an essential tool for determining the efficiency of lubrication coatings used on glass bottles as well as aluminum cans, bottles and other packages that are transported on conveyor lines and how the coefficient of friction impacts operation.


  • Compatible with small diameter containers regardless of tilt angle
  • Counter balanced trip arm permits very light containers such as aluminum cans and plastic bottles to be measured accurately
  • Electronic brake system stops tilt table precisely when slippage occurs
  • Single setup for various size containers
  • Push-button reset


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