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Filter fans & Filter fan plus

Extreme high temperatures in enclosures and switch cabinets may cause malfunctions of electrical and electronic components. Our filter fan range, roof filter fans and further ventilation products prevent an overheating and the impairment of installations reliably.

  • Strong point:

Very low noise

Minimal depth in enclosure

Functional design

Time-saving installation

UV resistant

  • Product code list:
  • FPI 018 – Filter fan plus
  • FPI 118 – Exit-Filter
  • FPO 018 – Filter Fan Plus
  • FPO 118 – Intake Filter
  • FM 086 - ilter Mat
  • RFP 018 - Roof Filter Fan
  • REP 118 - Roof Exit Filter
  • RFF 018 - Roof Filter Fan
  • REF 118 - Roof Exit Filter
  • LE 019 - High-Performance 19" Fan Tray
  • SJ 019 -STEGOJET
  • CF 019 - Circulating Fan Kit

Hose- Proof hood FFH 086

The hose-proof, it is used for protection against water projected by a hose and extreme climatic influences if located outdoors or in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions. In order to clean the filter fans or to change the filter mat, the hood can easily be removed, the cabinet does not need to be opened (safety risk).

  • Strong feature:

Increase of protection class

Easy to clean

Filter mat change from outside

Impact-resistant, robust

Safe against unauthorized removal

Weather resistant


Protective gridand UV resistant

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