Clake Fololo Vietnam,Flow Meter LTS-A Clake Fololo

Characteristics: Never leak with Woodd-seal. Transparent quartz tube, with ruler outside, simply operate, directly and clear. Precise and reliable. The parts have good extensibility, easy to change.


LTS quartz tube level transmitter adopts side mounting through a bypass pipe or top mounting. The transmitter contains quartz tube plus stainless protective sleeve, level switch, level transmitter, etc..

Side mounted magnetic bundle unit through a bypass pipe is placed inside of the floating ball, while top mounted magnetic bundle unit is connected with the floating ball. When the floating ball moves over liquid level, the magnetic bundle unit shall move along a level relay made up of a serial of magnetic module. Under the action of the magnetic unit, the magnetic module inside the level relay shall make a corresponding action, output a changed resistor signal, and then transfer the signal into a current output signal of 4~20mA. Meanwhile, the level can be observed directly through the quartz tube, and a magnetic switch shall conduct a related action at the corresponding point, making alarming action and control output.

The magnetic unit of the floating ball adopts a special magnetic group, which can still provide the required magnetic force for normal working of the transmitter even if used for a long period. Meanwhile, when the floating ball moves along a guide rod, the stronger linear magnetic field derived from the magnetic bundle unit of the floating ball, shall attract magnetic induction modules in the sensor one by one, thereby improving the accuracy rating and reducing the deviation of the transmitter.

Main Technical Parameter

Measurement Range:  0~1500mm (optional)
Measurement Accuracy: 5mm
Environmental Temperature:  -20℃~80℃
Ambient Humidity:  ≤95%RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Measurement Range: 0~1500mm (optional)
Resolution Ration: 5mm
Repeatability Error: ±0.15%FS
Operating Voltage: DC12V~30V
Maximum Power Loss:  5W
Output Current: 4~20mA
Protection Tube Material of Sensor: 316L
Wiring Box Material:  Alloy
Load Resistance: <750Ω
Insulation Resistance:100MΩ (DC 500V)
Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Environmental Temperature: -20℃~80℃
Ambient Humidity: ≤9%5RH, avoid strong corrosive gas
Protection Class: IP65
Magnetic Memory Switch
Contact Type:   Standard Type: a couple of open&close contact output
               Extended Type: extended contact output of active contact
               Functional Type: with current limiting function, can be directly input as PLC
Contact Capacity:  Standard Type: 30W/AC220V,0.1A/AC200V, 0.1A/DC220V
               Extended Type: 5A/AC220V,5A/DC30V
               Functional Type: 30W/AC220V,0.1A/AC200V, 0.1A/DC220V
Contact State: magnetic memory keep switch
Number of Contacts: 2pcs (Users can choose it according to their needs)
Insulation Resistor: ≥100MΩ (Under normal temperature)
Number of Actions: 10 times
Enclosure Material: Alloy with oxidized surface

100% USA

Clake Fololo

Model: LTS-A
 Level Meter
 Made in China
 Note : báo giá theo nameplate

100% USA

Clake Fololo

Model: FS-T
 Flow Meter
 Made in China
 Note : báo giá theo nameplate


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