ELIS PLZEŇ Vietnam,Ultrasonic level meter N003522 / LU-55N-06-I ELIS PLZEŇ

Ultrasonic level meters LU–55 is self contained device that includes electroacoustics transducer and electronic module. The level meter LU–55 transmits series of ultrasonic pulses which propagates towards the liquid surface. Refl ected acoustic wave is received back in the LU–55 transducer and processed in electronic module. The distance calculations are based on time of fl ight of the acoustic wave to the level and back. The level meters are suited to level measurement of various liquid materials, sewerage waters, mash and paste materials, suspensions etc. In case the level of bulk-solid materials is measured, the measurement range is reduced. We recommend to consult the use with the manufacturer. All the setting is done by means of two buttons, located in the upper part of the sensor. Level meters are equipped with optimal state indication "STATE" and the setting process "MENU". The level meters outputs can be current or voltage.

100% Czech Republic Origin

ELIS PLZEŇ a. s. Vietnam

Model: LU-55N-06-I
 ID: N003522
 Ultrasonic level meter LU-55N-06-I range 0.25 to 6m button control current output
 measurement range 0.20 m to 6 m
 all-plastic design, source of PVDF
 mechanical connection with thread G 1 ½"
 current output 4-20 mA


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