Agr International is a world-class, innovative supplier of quality assurance and process automation equipment to the global packaging markets.

Agr offers a variety of quality and process control equipment specifically designed to meet the quality management needs of container manufacturers as well as brand owners. Agr products are relied upon world-wide as the first line of defense in protecting your brand by providing the means to actively monitor and manage the quality of containers you use.

As the basis of everything we do, Agr products are built on a basis of solid science and Industry knowledge — over 75 years of research and development dedicated to providing solutions that help improve the quality, safety and efficacy of the packaging we rely on.

AGR’s service engineers are highly trained, skilled professionals with a solid knowledge of the packaging industry and a proven mastery of Agr equipment. Agr service centers are strategically placed around the world to provide equipment support when and where you need it.

Agr continues to innovate, develop and provide products and services that are in line with the needs of the global packaging industry. Agr is totally committed to providing the best, most accurate and efficient products to support these needs — Whether in the rugged environment of the glass plant or in the laboratory.

AGR product ranges:

For Plastic Industry: Products specifically designed to meet the needs of preform manufacturers, plastic container manufacturers, fillers and beverage companies

  • For production process: Process Pilot® Family of Products, Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System, Pilot Profiler® Material Distribution Management System, Pilot Profiler® Conveyor, Pilot Vision+™ System
  • In QC/QC Lab : Gawis 4D®, PPT3000 , Combi, Fill Height Tester, MBT 7200xt/7400xt, Hand Held Thickness Probe, Preform Thickness Gauge, TopLoad Tester (TL2000), VacTest (VT1100), M-RULE® Container Performance Model, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, Manual Preform Perpendicularity Gauge, Light Polarizer, Manual Preform Thickness Gauge, Gate Center Gauge, Height Gauge, Base Clearance Gauge, Digital Balance, Digital Calipers, Preform Cutter, Fill Height Syringe, PI Tape, Illuminated Magnifying Glass

For Glass Industry: Products specifically designed for manufacturers, fillers and beverage companies that produce or process glass containers

  • For production process: OmniLab® automated sampling system, Dimensional Sampling Gauge 400 (DSG400), Thickness 360™ Gauge, Sampling Pressure Tester 2, High Speed On-Line Thickness Selector
  • In QA/QC Lab : Fill Height Tester, MBT 7200xt/7400xt, Hand Held Thickness Probe, Ramp Pressure Tester 2x, Combined Coating Measurement System, Vertical Load Tester, Line Simulator, Density Comparator, Impact Tester, Polarimeter, Tilt Table, Height Gauge, Digital Calipers, Fill Height Syringe, PI Tape, Illuminated Magnifying Glass

Others: Devices that can be used for a variety of quality applications in addition to bottles, including the measurement of non-bottle packaging, automotive and medical components, and related uses

  • Dimensional Sampling Gauge – AL
  • Combi
  • PPT3000-AL
  • Fill Height Tester
  • MBT 7200xt/7400xt
  • Hand Held Thickness Probe
  • TopLoad Tester (TL2000)
  • Impact Tester
  • Tilt Table
  • Height Gauge
  • Digital Balance
  • Digital Calipers
  • Fill Height Syringe
  • PI Tape
  • Illuminated Magnifying Glass