Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies are key elements of our world. The Bitzer Group has been making a contribution with innovative products and services for 80 years. Our products maintain the optimum temperatures on buses, trains and in buildings and ensure food stays fresh at all times on its way to you. Perfection ans precision shape our operations – and efficiency and sustainability our way of thinking. With specialist skills and lots of passion, we promote development in compressor technology and, in this way, fulfil our responsibility as a market leader.

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Reliable stationary or mobile cooling of temperature-sensitive goods, bringing a comfortable climate to rooms, keeping industrial systems at the optimal temperature level – the requirements regarding modern refrigeration and air-conditioning systems are multifaceted and demanding. With its wide range of compressors, condensing units, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, BITZER has the right solution for any application.


Quality goes above and beyond high-grade products: At BITZER, the wishes of our customers are our focus – when it comes to service, too. BITZER Services offer individual solutions for customer issues worldwide.

Bitzer product ranges includes:


  • Type semi-hermetic – with series
  • Ecoline, ecoline tandem, ecoline single-phase, ecoline ce4 pump lubrication,  ecoline h series, octagon sl subcritical, ecoline me subcritical., ecoline transcritical, ecoline p series, ecoline tandem p series, octagon r410a series.
  • ·Type semi-hermetic with innovative motor technology – with series ecoline+ transcritical
  • Type semi-hermetic 2-stage with series 2nd generation 2-stage,  2nd generation 2-stage tandem.
  • Type Semi-hermetic frequency-controlled with series ecoline varispeed,  octagon 2-stage, octagon varispeed transcritical.
  • Type Semi-hermetic with liquid receiver 
  • Type Semi-hermetic with 2-stage liquid receiver
  • Type Open
  • Type Open 2-stage

2. Screw compressor with type

  • Semi-hermetic
  • Open
  • Semi-hermetic frequency-controlled
  • Semi-hermetic compact
  • Hermetic compact

​3. Scroll compressors with type

  • Hermetic
  • Orbit+
  • Orbit fit
  • Orbit tandem/trio
  • Semi-hermetic frequency-controlled

4. Condensing Units

  • With semi-hermetic compressors
  • With 2-stage semi-hermetic compressors
  • Semi-hermetic frequency-controlled
  • Semi-hermetic with varistep
  • With open compressors
  • Without compressor

5. Heat exchangers and pressure vessels

  • Water-cooled condensers
  • Shell and tube evaporators

6. Liquid Receivers

  • Horizontal models
  • Vertical models
  • Horizontal models for high refrigerant flow rates
  • Horizontal models for condensing units, 
  • Standing models for condensing units.

7. Oil Separators

  • Primary oil separators from the OA series
  • Combined oil separators from the OAC series
  • Secondary oil separators from the OAS series
  • Horizontal combined oil separators OAHC.

8. Oil Coolers

Water-cooled oil coolers.

9. Sound absorbers- sd series

10. IQ Module

11. Varipack Frequency Inverters

12. AMMONIA compressor packs with ACP.85 and the ACP.95, series