STEGO offers Thermal Management solutions to protect sensitive parts in enclosures and other installations from corrosion and malfunctions for customers to face with constant changes from day to night temperatures, as well as extreme climatic conditions in particularly warm or cold regions, a big challenge for electronic components. 

In the course of over 35 years, Stego products "Made in Germany" are appreciated for their reliability and longevity by customers worldwide. We manage to combine innovation and design of our products to complement each other for best use in your applications.

Our focus is on quality and added value for you - our customer: for your applications, products and for success with your customers. STEGO thermal management products are safe, reliable, efficient and integration friendly. As a result, you get an innovative, durable solution which in turn adds value to your own product, which is SIMPLY INNOVATIVE and BETTER FOR SURE.


1. Heating 

Use our PTC heaters, convection heaters, panel heaters / surround heaters to avoid a drop in temperature in your device, prevent condensation formation. The heating fan, the heater combined with the fan, ensures that the warm air inside is evenly distributed.


Small heaters designed to prevent condensation and to ensure a minimum operating temperature in small enclosures. The heaters are designed for permanent operation

  • Product code

  • RCE 016 | 5W, 9W

  • RC 016 | 8W, 10W, 13W

  • CSK 060 | 10W, 20W

  • HGK 047 | 10W TO 30W

  • HG 140 | 15W TO 150W

  • CP 061 | 50 W, 100 W 

  • CS 060 | 50W TO 150W w/o thermostat

  • CSF 060 | 50W TO 150W w/ thermostat

Fan Heater

These fan heaters prevent formation of condensation and provide an evenly distributed interior air temperature in enclosures with electric/electronic components. The heaters are connected using the internal terminal connectors. The small size of the CS / CSL 028 heaters make them ideal for use in enclosures where space is at a premium.

  • Product code list

  • HV 031 / HVL 031 | 100W TO 400W

  • CS 028 / CSL 028 | 150W TO 400W

  • CSF 028 | 250 W, 400 W

  • HGL 046 | 250W, 400W

  • CR 027 | UP TO 650W

  • HVI 030 | 500W TO 700W

  • HVI 030 | 500W TO 700W

  • CR 030 | 950W

  • CR 130 | 950 W (clip or screw fixing)

  • DCR 030 | DC 24V, DC 56V - 200W TO 800W

  • DCR 130 | DC 24V, DC 56V - 200W TO 800W

  • CS 032 / CSF 032 | 1,000W

  • CS 030 | 1200 W (stationary)

  • CS 130 | 1200 W (clip or screw fixing)

Hazardous area heater

Compact convection heater of temperature class T5 (100 °C max.) for the prevention of formation of condensation, temperature fluctuations, and for protection against frost within control and switch cabinets, as well as measuring equipment located in areas with explosion hazard, underground mines or mines susceptible to firedamp

  • Product code list

  • CREX 020 | 50 W, 100 W (T5)

  • CREX 020 | 50 W TO 200 W (T4)

  • CREX 020 | 50 W TO 250 W (T3)

  1. Cooling 

Filter fans & Filter fan plus 

Extreme high temperatures in enclosures and switch cabinets may cause malfunctions of electrical and electronic components. Our filter fan range, roof filter fans and further ventilation products prevent an overheating and the impairment of installations reliably. 

  • Strong point: 

Very low noise

Minimal depth in enclosure

Functional design

Time-saving installation

UV resistant

Product code list:

  • FPI 018 – Filter fan plus

  • FPI 118 – Exit-Filter 

  • FPO 018 – Filter Fan Plus 

  • FPO 118 – Intake Filter

  • FM 086 - ilter Mat

  • RFP 018 - Roof Filter Fan

  • REP 118 - Roof Exit Filter 

  • RFF 018 - Roof Filter Fan

  • REF 118 - Roof Exit Filter

  • LE 019 - High-Performance 19" Fan Tray

  • SJ 019 -STEGOJET

  • CF 019 - Circulating Fan Kit

Hose- Proof hood FFH 086

The hose-proof, it is used for protection against water projected by a hose and extreme climatic influences if located outdoors or in industrial applications with harsh environmental conditions. In order to clean the filter fans or to change the filter mat, the hood can easily be removed, the cabinet does not need to be opened (safety risk).

  • Strong feature: 

Increase of protection class

Easy to clean

Filter mat change from outside

Impact-resistant, robust

Safe against unauthorized removal

Weather resistant


Protective gridand UV resistant


  1. Regulating

Regulator – thermostat

Regulator/Thermostats play an important role as a contact breaker for regulating/ controlling heaters, coolers, filter fans and heat exchangers or for switching signal devises when temperature limit has been exceeded.

ETR 011 | Electronic Thermostat

Hazardous area thermostat REX 011

  • Used for the regulation of heaters

  • For areas with explosion and firedamp hazard (underground, mining…)

  • High switching capacity

  • Compact Design

  • Set temperature

  • Ready-to-use with strain relief

  • Temperature class T6 

Monitoring CSS 014

Condition monitoring is a major part of predictive maintenance, not only in enclosures and switch cabinets but in a variety of applications. It offers a method of addressing an occurring problem within a working system, before it may actually develop into a major failure or malfunction of equipment. The basis of condition monitoring is to register physical data permanently or at regular intervals. SMART SENSORS record temperature and humidity among other parameters, and convert the measured data into analog or digital signals.


  1. Lighting 

Create round the clock ideal lighting conditions in enclosures and cabinets. All LED lamps, enclosure lamps and cabinet lamps of our well-rounded product range can be placed with only minimal installation effort.

Product list:

  • LED 021/022 - Varioline lamp 

  • LED 121/122 Varioline lamp 

  • LED 025 - Lamp

  • LED 025 ECOLINE - Lamp

  • SL 025 – Slimline lamp – on/off switch AC/DC 

  • SL 025 – Slimline lamp –Movement sensor AC

  • KL 025 – Compact lamp

  1. Accessories

Our accessories complement the STEGO assortment perfectly and allow you to get everything you need from one source. With a range of electrical sockets, pressure compensation devices and other ancillary products we make your work in and around the enclosure easier.

  • SD 035 – electric socket

  • DA 084 – Ventilation device/ Pressure compensation

  • DA 284 – Ventilation device/ Pressure compensation

  • DAK 284 - Ventilation Cable Gland