AC Variable speed controlling Solution for high performance, multifunctional App.

► Application Information:

Controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors used for Pump & Fans, Conveyers, Hoists, Centrifuges, Marine, Heavy duty

►  Outstanding Advantages


  • Integral PLC logic Function - 200 Steps
  •  STO with SIL3 / PLe safety circuit
  • Modbus RTU and CANOpen Communication as standard
  • Sensorless Dynamic Torque Vector
  •  Quadruple Ratings for 400V/3ph models


►  Potential Customers: use in virtually any application : pumps, fans, conveyors, materials handling equipment, packaging, specialized process machinery, centrifuges, heavy duty ..


► Key Products Applied 


Jaguar VXT – AC Drives


Jaguar VXT – AC Drives imo vietnam


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