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  • Revised gas pricing favorable to customer for higher flow rate meters !

Eldridge Products, Inc. (EPI™) manufactures the Master-Touch™ and ValuMass™ thermal mass flow meters & sensors for the measurement of virtually any gas or gas mixture. The measurement of gas flows can be an integral part of plant and process operation, a requirement for environmental reporting, a part of energy and cost savings efforts, or all three. It can also be a challenge to do it properly! However, since 1988 EPI™ has designed, assembled and calibrated flow meters that are accurate, economical and reliable for applications and installations throughout the US and around the world — and EPI™ has maintained its position as an industry leader for almost 30 years with a reputation for innovation and quality in all of our product lines.

Our Master-Touch™ and ValuMass™ thermal mass flow sensors & meters offer solutions for a wide variety of flow measurement needs:

If you have questions about your gas flow, we have the thermal mass flow meters & sensors to give you the answers.

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Master-Touch™ flow meters
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Thermal Flow Meters

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