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About Anybus/ HMS Vietnam:

HMS - the number one choice for industrial communication and IIoT

HMS was founded in 1988 based on a thesis project at the University of Halmstad, Sweden. Founder Nicolas Hassbjer and co-founder Staffan Dahlström had a passion for electronics and embedded software and worked with 8-bit processors and assembler programming.

The innovative Anybus module enabled an automation device to become network-neutral, and was a success from its first release back in 1995

In 2016, HMS acquires Belgian eWON, to become a worldwide leader within Industrial Internet of Things. 2016 is also the year when HMS acquires Spanish Intesis and ventures into Building Automation and communication within facility management.

HMS has grown at break-neck speed, today employing several hundred people internationally and being recognized as the leader within industrial communication.

HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software™, our new corporate identity which addresses and explains HMS’ capacity to get industrial hardware (drives, robots, gensets...) connected to IoT software. Hardware Meets Software puts the finger on HMS’ targeted position within industrial communication and IIoT. The meaning of HMS is aligned with the corporate vision that all devices will be intelligent and connected.

HMS makes sure industrial devices communicate. Our products and solutions connect business-critical applications such as robots, engines, drives, machines and systems to different industrial networks. We also allow these applications to be accessed, controlled and monitored remotely. Our solutions help increase productivity and sustainability worldwide.

Anybus/ HMS Brands:

eWON remote solutions allow customers to access, monitor and control industrial machines from anywhere – easily and securely. It is used for PLCs, wind turbines, water pumps, power generators, and other remote machinery

Anybus/HMS products connect automation devices such as drives, robot controllers and PLCs to any industrial network — wired or wirelessly. This widens the market for device manufacturers and system integrators and substantially reduces the total cost for network connectivity

IXXAT solutions are especially tailored for CAN-based communication within machines, safety systems and the automotive sector. The IXXAT offering includes products and services needed to solve advanced communication tasks during test and real-time operation.

Provide users with tools enabling them to communicate with remote machinery to allow analyzing and solving technical issues without having to travel on site


Benefits of the Talk2M solution

Select your Talk2M service



Pricing FREE Yearly fee
Unlimited number of  eWONs and users X X
Number of concurrent Mobile connections 5 Unlimited
Number of concurrent eCatcher connections 1 3
Advanced access rights managements   X
Data traffic per month (GB) 1GB* 6GB*
Wake-up and alarm SMS per month   50
SLA (99.6% availability, 4hr max. consecutive breakdown   Yes
Additional traffic & concurrent connections (option)   X
Additional  SMS (option)   X

Success project in Vietnam:

  • My Duc Hospital – temperature, Oxygen ….
  • Hiangkie Coffee – remote control & monitoring system
  • And many others project overworld

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