Kinetrol – Introduce

Kinetrol was established as a firm of control engineers in 1958. Initially the company's activities were based on its damping expertise which lead to the development of Kinetrol's rotary viscous dashpots for smooth motion control.

Kinetrol later invented and patented its vane-type rotary pneumatic actuator, recognising the emerging need for quarter-turn valve and mechanism actuation. Since then, the company has added many actuator control modules to meet the growing demand for more precise and sophisticated process control and monitoring.

Kinetrol has full inspection and test facilities and operates a rigorous quality control programme which includes 100% testing of actuators and dashpots before despatch. The company's quality system is approved by the British Standards Institute to ISO 9000. Quality is built into Kinetrol's products by active choice in every part of the company.

Kinetrol operates from three sites in Farnham, England, and exports at least 70% of sales to countries all over the world

Kinetrol Main Product ranges:

  • Electric Actuators: Double actingType & Spring Fail-Safe Type , Blueline Food grade Finish type

Available in: Model 0M0 – Miniature, Model 01, Model 02, Model 03, Model 05, Model 08, Model 07, Model 09, Model 10, Model 12, Model 14, Model 15, Model 16, Model 18, Model 20, Model 60

  • Rotary Dampers :Vane dashpots & Continuous rotation dashpot , special dashpot, plastic dashpots

Available in: KD, LA, LB, LE, LX, LH, S-CRD, T-CRD, Q-CRD, N-CRD, X-CRD Series

  • G3 Damper Drives

Available in:Model 124, 144, 164, 184, 204, 127, 147, 167, 187, 207

  • Valve option:Ball, butterfly & Plug valves, high temperature valves

G3 Drives are purpose designed solutions to air/gas flow control problems in new or existing burner, heater, boiler and turbine systems in power plants and a wide range of industrial applications. The patented* G3 Damper Drive units set a new standard for control and durability. Combining the proven performance and reliability of Kinetrol’s vane type actuator with an equally rugged integral manual override/mounting frame, the new damper drive is compact and unbeatable when it comes to control accuracy and cycle life. Kinetrol’s vane type rotary pneumatic actuator eliminates the lost motion and wear associated with geared drives and the conversion from linear to rotary motion. This results in a long maintenance-free life (reducing down time and maintenance costs) and improved control (cutting fuel and production costs). Compatible with all damper types, replacing existing floor mounted pneumatic, electric, hydraulic or electrohydraulic drives could not be easier as Kinetrol’s G3’s are simple and quick to retrofit


- Long maintenance-free life

- 2 million operations warranty

- Integral manual override

- compact assembly

- Robust construction with durable finish

- Direct mount control modules

- Same mounting footprint available to replace existing equipment

- Infinite lever arm adjustment Interfaces with existing installations

 Manual override usable with actuator removed

- 40 years actuation experience


- Double acting and spring fail-safe (open or closed)

- Modulating (3-15 psi and 4-20mA or digital positioning)

- Fail to low signal

- Lock in last position

- Limit switch remote position indication

- 4-20mA angle retransmission

- High visibility position indication

- Handwheel extension

- Remote manual override status indication 

Key Industries Include:

• Power Generation

• Petrochemical

• Iron, Steel & Metals

• Cement

• Paper & Pulp

• Sugar

• Hospitals

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