We are Raytek, Ircon, and Datapaq. Together, we are Fluke Process Instruments, advancing the reputation of the worldwide leader in measurement tools by offering a broad portfolio of industrial temperature measurement solutions.

A triad of the top performing, most rugged and dependable noncontact temperature measurement and profiling equipment made –  a complete line of infrared sensors, line scanners, thermal imagers and profiling systems for use in today's most demanding environments.

Individually, we have earned the respect of manufacturing’s most valued names. Together, we are the temperature technology leader – pioneers of many industry firsts, market innovations and new technologies, and the brands of choice for the harshest, high-temperature industrial environments in manufacturing.

ANS Vietnam is proud to be the official distributor of Fluke Process Instrument in the Vietnamese market to help our customers comprehensively improve product quality and reduce waste; our team is committed to achieving new advancements that will benefit our customers.

Fluke Product ranges:

  • Spot Pyrometers : Endurance, Raytek Compact CI , Raytek Compact CM IR, Raytek Compact GP, Raytek Compact MI3, Marathon MM, Ircon Modline
  • Handheld Pyrometers : Raytek Raynger® 3i Plus , Ircon® Ultimax
  • Infrared Linescanners : Raytek® MP150, Ircon® ScanIR®3
  • Infrared Process Imaging Systems : TIP900 system, Raytek® GS150 / GS150LE, Raytek® CS210, Raytek® EC150, Raytek® ES150, Raytek® TF150
  • Datapaq Oven Tracker Systems: Oven Tracker XL2, EasyTrack3, Customized & Specialty Oven Systems
  • Datapaq Furnace Tracker Systems : Furnace Heat Treatment Product Profiling, Furnace Temperature Uniformity Survey, Specialty Furnace Systems
  • Datapaq Reflow Tracker System
  • Datapaq Food Tracker System
  • Datapaq Solar Tracker Systems
  • Datapaq Kiln Tracker Systems : Specialty Kiln Systems, Tunnel Kiln Tracker