About IMO Precision Controls Ltd

Founded in 1972, IMO has grown from its UK base to become a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial control and electronic components and systems. With sales offices in the UK, France, Italy, Australia, Russia and North America and with logistics centres in Europe, North America, Australia and China, we now derive over 50% of our revenue from overseas markets.

Our history is one of innovation. Whether it is the first ever BT Type 47 Approved relay or the first ever compact AC inverter for motor speed control, IMO has always been focused on breaking barriers. That philosophy extends to the company's service model with features such as advanced online customer ordering and visibility, integrated logistics and the industry's first global third party fulfilment agreement described by the trade press as "a deal ahead of its time".

A major force in the field of Industrial Automation & Electronic components. From a single product to complete application solutions, the IMO range fully addresses the demands of factory automation and control environments.

IMO products

Control panel : Power supply, MCB, RCD, Contactor, Rail Din Terminal , Motor circuit breaker, overloads, pilot lights, Timers, industrial relay, AC isolator, level controller, push buttons

Automation : Logic controller, all in one controller, Intelligent relays, solar cube, HMIs, remote I/O, signal conditioning, Proximity sensors, photo- electric sensors, limit switches, foot switches, safety limit switches …

Jaguar Drive:  single & three phrase inverter (0.4 kw- 500kW)

PCB: Automotive relays, power relays, signal relays, solar relays, terminal blocks

Renewable energy: solar cube, solar isolator, solar isolator mini, fire-raptor rapid shutdown unit, DC switching contactor, PV terminal