Radio Remote Control For Cranes & Industrial Machinery

ITOWA vietnam

► Application Information:

It provides the remote control of building and industrial cranes, bridge cranes and all electro- mechanical machinery to help the operator more safely , especially when working in the hardest working conditions.

►  Outstanding Advantages

  • It can control digital or analogical manoeuvres.
  • It incorparates a multi-frequency, synthesized radio system that enables the operator to automatically change the working channel.
  • Greater profitability is also achieved, saving in time and staff.
  • The unit accept several operation configurations depending on each application : Master/slave, pitch& catch or tandem

►  Potential Customers: 

  • AVC Crane
  • VietNam Steel Structures and lifting equipments joint stock company, Pomina
  • Posco, Formosa,



► Key Products Applied 




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