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Tempress A/S is one of the leading players in supplying instruments to the process industries e.g. power plants, off-shore installations, chemical works, hydraulic installations, paper mills, gas controls equipment and petrochemical industry. Tempress offers a comprehensive product range for measuring pressure, temperature, level and angle positioning in all kinds of process industries.

If you look for a high accuracy in monitoring pressure and temperature, then choose Tempress precision sensors.

Tempress have their own R&D staff and skilled employees developing our instruments to work and last in all kind of environments – from the toughest chemical plants to the highest purities in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Made from high quality components on our own factories in Denmark and China and designed to withstand tear and wear from both the process it is measuring and the ambient environment it is exposed to.

Currently Tempress’s instruments are sold to many leading manufacturers in different industries worldwide.  Out of some 100,000 instruments produced a year more than 80% are exported. Mainly to the EU countries, but also to many overseas markets, in total to some 30 countries globally.

 Tempress product ranges:

  • Differential pressure gauge – MK5

  • Standard Pressure gauge

  • Flow Pressure gauge

  • Stainless steel Pressure gauge – Direct mounted

  • Digital pressure gauges

  • Pressure gauges

  • Pressure transmitters

  • Differential Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty

  • Pressure Transmitter – Heavy duty

  • FAP600/P610 – ATEX/DNV – Transmitters

  • Pressure switches

  • Capsule gauges – low pressure

  • Magnetic level indicator

  • Proximity sensors- Indupec®

  • SF6 gas monitor

  • Diaphragm Seals

  • Temperature sensors

  • Thermometers


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