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Apiste Corporation

Panel Cooling Units / Precision Air Conditioning Units / Air-Cooled Chillers, Designing, Manufacturing and Distribution of Thermography

Established         December 18, 1992

Main Office 530 - 0004

1-4-16 Dojimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan (Aqua Dojima)

TEL: +81-6-6343-0515 FAX: +81-6-6343-0729

Apiste  Business Description      

  • Mist collector

Following up on a lineup of control panel coolers that contribute to better control equipment operating environments, Apiste has released a mist collector that improves the factory floor mist environment.

By drastically reducing the need for the frequent maintenance characteristic of past mist collectors, Apiste mist collectors contribute to a more comfortable factory environment with less effort and for much longer.

  • Air Cooled / Water Cooled Hyper Chiller Unit

This is PCU-SL for solving production process problems. It has the industry's first chiller with IOF sensing and novel high speed responses and high precision.

Moreover, the PCU-SL uses our company’s original 3G mechanism to ensure temperature control resilient to external factors such as heat, dust vibration and rain.

  • Air-Cooled Chillers

A Chiller Unit controls circulated water and cools various types of coolant.

The unit contains which contains a tank, a cooler, and a pump inside, and it cools and controls circulated water, and supplies the water to the load side. We answer your needs by supplying an Apiste chiller with a wide assortment of capacities of the pump’s water supply and cooling capacities. Moreover, we've also adopted a non-pulsating pump that reduces the vibrating effects directly to the load side. We offer a solution for environments in which strict accuracy is needed.

  • Precision Air-Conditioning Units/Local Air Conditioning

The Apiste PAU series is an AC unit used for clean and precise air conditioning. It's perfect for a variety of uses and can be used for all types of tests, cooling, etc. Only cooling the places that need to be cooled, it also saves energy. Apart from anti-heat and humidity functions, it also has vaporizing functions as well. It provides dry air, and has the DR type which is for local air conditioning, and the AZ series which provides humidifying functions, the lineup is sure to support your needs.

  • Clean Fan Filter Units

Easily making local space clean.

  • Air-Cooled Oil Chillers

The oil chiller is a unit which performs cooling of the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and cooling oil of machine tools. In various parts of the machine tool spindles the bearings and gears get overheated and thermal deformation occurs due to the high speed rotational impact. Then the displacement of the shaft affects the machining accuracy. Also, as a result of the temperature rising of the hydraulic oil of the actuator, impact on the machining accuracy resulting from oil degradation due to changes in speed is also a reason for concern. The Apiste Oil Chiller performs cooling down by circulating oil and thus prevents oil temperature rise. The environmental resistance is also significantly improved compared with conventional units. Even at times when a lot of oil mist gets scattered, this product demonstrates the capability of being "dirt resistant" and "able to retain its functionalities even when getting dirty".

  • Panel Cooling Units

Panel cooling units properly cool down panels, which hold a concentration of electronic devices producing a lot of heat. Also, dust-proofing and dehumidifying can be simultaneously achieved by sealing the panels. These capabilities are most useful in areas with high outdoor air temperature and areas with high humidity, as well as areas where oil mist is scattered in the air. Apiste panel cooling units include, in addition to the various functions, a line up of units certified by CCC, UL, CE, and other certifications in each country.

  • Control Panel Heat Exchangers

Maintaining the control panel sealed and effectively transferring internal heat to the outside. At Apiste, we have prepared 2 types of heat exchangers - heat pipe type heat exchangers and plate module type heat exchangers - which can be installed to a wide variety of environments. We also provide super small type heat exchangers for micro heat pipes and other products to assist with smaller control panels and space-saving.



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