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Bifold Fluidpower was established over a century ago as a manufacturer of steam valves and gas detection lamps for use in coal mines. We are now a leading manufacturer of electro-hydraulic and pneumatic directional control valves and accessories for use in the oil and gas industry. With the recent aquisition of Marshalsea Hydraulics, Bifold Fluidpower can now offer a large selection of pumps, pump sets and pressure intensifiers along with other high pressure stainless steel hydraulic equipment. Our state of the art manufacturing and test facilities are based in the UK with sales offices in Houston and Singapore and representatives in every continent. Through a commitment to innovation and value engineering, Bifold Fluidpower and Marshalsea Hydraulics offer leading technical solutions for control system designs whilst providing excellent service and technical support to customers around the world.

Product list:

  • Solenoid valves

  • Pilot & Mechanical

  • Flow & Pressure control

  • Pressure & Relief

  • Fire Safety

  • Pumps & Intensifiers

  • Medium Pressure

  • Ancillary Items

  • Modular Solution

  • Subsea Valves & Couplers

  • Control Solutions



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