JDC Electronic SA

Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, JDC Electronic SA began its business developing and manufacturing measurement instruments for extreme sports. Today, this SME is a leader in this market with a full range of products. All these devices are based on a patented invention that uses the magnetic field to transmit information.


Through subcontracting activities requested by watch brands JDC Electronic SA has diversified in the field of microelectronics and microtechnology watch, and POS (advertising point of sale).

MADD Technologies Sàrl

Currently, with the takeover of MADD Technologies Sarl, JDC Electronic SA develops and manufactures a range of professional weather stations and specific sensors (wind, temperature, fluid velocities, …).

De Havilland Watches

With these 25 years experience, JDC Electronic SA embarked on the adventure of watches and manufacturer developing with a totally innovative technology, sold under the De Havilland Watches SA. This watch incorporates several patented innovations pilot.


In brief

The company now has 13 employees and has an excellent reputation, and generates 60% of its turnover to export about 80 countries.