ITOH DENKI  Pop-Up Diverter POP-D

Simplifies design: Just snap in the pop-up diverter in the bridge between conveyors in accordance with the required throughput and number of exit ports.

Modular design facilitates the installation without additional engineering.

Extremely low profile with no pneumatic structure creates a clean, quiet environment.

Product designation / Dimensions:


Model examples :

POP-D-L45D-60N-A1 ( Divert Left 45 degree/Size A)

POP-D-R45D-60N-A1 ( Divert Right 45 degree/Size A)

POP-D-L30D-60N-B1 ( Divert Left 30 degree/Size B)

POP-D-R30D-60N-C1 ( Divert Right 30 degree/Size C)

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