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Proxitron Company Information

Proxitron is a worldwide operating traditional company in the area of sensor technology with more than 35 years of experience. Proxitron develop and produce their products exclusively in Germany. Quality „made in Germany“ is a matter of course for them. Only this allows them to guarantee highest possible standards,   even at the most demanding application.

Proxitron have been active for many years not only in the steel and rolling mill industry, but also in other industry sectors. Proxitron also dedicate ourselves to becoming familiar with your processes, aligning ourselves with the specifications applicable to your specialist business field.

Proxitron are your experts when it comes to solutions for sensors. With Proxitron you can be confident of accessing professional consultancy and broad-based product solutions, which offer you the flexibility essential for your requirements. Utilise our experience and convince yourself of our functional products and our complementary accessories

Proxitron Product list:

  • Inductive Sensors- inductive proximity switch - Extreme sensing distances, up to 230 °C ambient temperature, ringsensors, surface sensors, sensor strips

  • Path and distance measurement- for path- and distance measuring of metallic objects

  • Optical Sensors - Object detection - extreme range - up to 600 °C ambient temperature

  • Pyrometers - Temperature ranges from -50 °C to 2200 °C

  • Flow Sensors - for the reliable monitoring of flow processes

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