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Improving colour assessment technologies globally since 1964

VeriVide Vietnam provides equipment to measure and assess the colour and appearance of products, objects, samples and ingredients. Manufacturing Light Cabinets and Colour Assessment Cabinets for retailers and suppliers, plays a core part of the business. Many of our products set the visual appearance standards that suppliers, through to major retailers, must meet.

VeriVide customers range from multinationals to small enterprises in sectors including textiles and apparel, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, print and packaging.

Light Booths VeriVide:

VeriVide Colour Assessment Light Booths

VeriVide Light Booths are an indispensable tool for colour assessment to detect metamerism, colour quality control and comparison of colours. The stability of our light sources gives excellent viewing conditions to make reliable colour critical decisions under standardised fluorescent and LED point of sales lighting (D65, D50, 840P15, F, UV and LED).

VeriVide's Light Booths have been designed specifically for colour matching and evaluation of any material where precise control of colour is critical. Our light booth range includes Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC), Colour Control Cabinets and DCAC Particulate Viewing Cabinets. These light cabinets meet or surpass ISO 3664 and BS 950 Part 1 international standards, ensuring agreement and colour consistency throughout global supply chains.

VeriVide Vietnam offers the following product lines:

  • VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets

  • VeriVide Colour Assessment Cabinets LED P.O.S.

  • VeriVide Colour Control Cabinets (CCC)

  • VeriVide Colour Fastness Cabinet (CF 60)

  • VeriVide DCAC 60 Particulate Viewing Cabinet

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