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Labkotec is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for various industrial applications. Labkotec’s mission is to provide sustainable measurement solutions which enhance their customers’ business and help them to protect the environment and people.


Labkotec always offers the highest quality products and applications, and this fact is recognized by our customers. We are also fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Demanding applications areas like explosive atmospheres, and closely monitored environments, such as ports, demand the very best from our devices and systems. All our sensors and communication units comply with stringent ATEX and ISPS Code standards.

Labkotec’s comprehensive product range is the result of decades of research and development, and in-the-field experience. This experience, and our reliable products and services, give our customers peace of mind.

Our unique range of in-house designed and manufactured products are complemented by carefully selected imported products.

Labkotec’s own product range includes:

  • Alarm systems for oil and grease separators

  • Ice detection devices

  • Leakage detectors

  • Continuous level measurement and pump/valve control devices

  • Level measurement devices for petrol storage and distribution

  • LabkoNet®, cloud-based measurement data monitoring system

Labkotec’s product in Application:  

  • Level switches for liquids/ solid dry materials: Capacitive level switch, Ultra level switch, Non-invasive level switch, Vibration sensor, Float level switch, Rotary paddle switch

  • Conductive level control for water/ Dry boiling prevent:  SET/J1, SET/K & control unit - KRK-512, KKH conductive level switch, SET/LV sensor and alarm device Lokaset 20

  • Level measurement for liquids: Capacitive sensor & control unit POP-22 EXI, Pressure sensor, Ultrasonic or radar level meter, Guided microwave transmitter, Non-invasive tank level 

  • Level measurement for dry solid materials: Capacitive cable wire sensor, Guided microwave transmitter,  Ultrasonic or radar level meter

  • Oil, petrol or chemical tank level measurements and alarms: Level measurement, capacitive tube sensors, control unit POP-22 EXI, pressure sensor, control unit DTA-10, Level switch - MiniSET/MaxiSET, Ultrasonic devices, Overfilling protectors, Leakage alarm devices 

  • Leakage of oil, water or chemicals: SET/OELO2 sensor & SET control units

  • OilSET-1000 alarm device for oil separator: SET/DM3AL sensor & OilSET-1000 control unit

  • SandSET-1000 sludge alarm device for oil and sand separator: SET/S2 sensor & SandSET-1000 control unit

  • Oil alarm for inspection shaft: SET/OSK2 sensor & SET-1000 control unit

  • Oil and grease alarm device: SET/S2 sensor, SET/DM3DL sensor, SET/V sensor, LevelSET S control unit

  • Alarm device for septic tank: SET/LV sensor & LOKASET 20 control unit

  • Flow measurement in pipe : Velocity sensor, Level measurement, OCM Pro control unit, External level measurement, External ultrasonic 4...20 mA, Velocity level sensor, Velocity level pressure, NFP control unit, Pipe sensor, Clamp-on transit time device, Sensors 

  • Flow measurement in open channels: Ultrasonic level sensor, Pressure sensor, POP-22 EXI control unit, OMC Pro/OCM F control unit, Level measurement device, Ultrasonic, 4... 20 mA, Sensors

  • Water supply network and water tower: Capacitive MET, ultrasonic or pressure sensor, Capacitive MET, ultrasonic or pressure sensor, Flow measurement, LabkoWin remote control and automation system 

  • Level measurement and control of chemical tanks: Ultrasonic or radar level meter, Control unit, Labcom 800 communication unit, LabkoNet® control and alarm system 

  • Level control of waste water pumping station: Ultrasonic or pressure sensor, POP-22 EXI control unit, Labcom 800 communication unit, LabkoNet® control and alarm system 

  • Measurements for waste water treatment plant: Flow/Level, Conductivity, Chlorine, pH,  O2, Turbidity,  Oil analyzer. 

  • Petrol station and fuel terminal equipment: Labko 3000 level sensor, Labko 3000 LPG level sensor, LabkoMax level sensor, YTE 101-3 over filling ptotector, SET-1000 control unit and TSH2 level switch, Labko DL 330 leak detector, LPS-1 power supply and interface unit, MPS-4 level interface, MD-1 interface unit, Trident fuel tank monitoring system, POS/BOS, Labcom 800 communication unit, LabkoNet® remote monitoring system 

  • Petrol station and fuel terminal equipment: WBS 3000 water bottom system, LabkoMax sensor for 0-5 m, LabkoFlex sensor for 5-21 m tanks, Labkom 800 communication unit, LabkoNet® remote monitoring system, MPS-4 level interface, Trident fuel tank monitoring system, POS/BOS, PLC  T


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