ITOH DENKI  Conveyor Modules

Flat-Right Angle Transfer

  • Quiet and smooth diverting.

  • Transfer speed: 60m 17m/min

  • Max load weight: 50kg

PAC - the flexible conveyor platform

World famous 24V DC Motorized Roller from Itoh Denki, now adds total user-friendliness.

Easy to set up, easy to run, easy to expand... idPAC provides excellent performance so E.A.S.Y.!

We embedded a small brain and software into each module zone. Thanks to Itoh Denki's proprietary technology of autonomous decentralized control, each module/zone became fully modular. You can make a conveyor just like putting LEGO blocks together: Point and click, Plug and play! You will be surely surprised to see how easy it is to let the conveyor play by PAC

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